Refinery is the first historically developed activity of the Plant. For a long time the Plant acted as a bellwether in the filed of new refinery technologies. Today the refinery follows the market needs. Our policy is to provide a comprehensive package of services including both production and disposal of all types of wastes irrespective of percentage of precious metals therein.

At present the Plant deals with disposal of wastes of the following types:

Fresh (mineral) raw materials:

- stream gold

- platinum placer  

- PGM concentrates

- gold-silver alloy.

Secondary (technogenic) raw materials:

- nitrogen sludge

- catalysts used in  nitrogen industry and petroleum chemistry

- wall lining layers of glass-melting equipment

- electronic wastes concentrates

- scrap jewelry  

- scrap containing precious metals.

Depending on the Customer’s needs and characteristics of raw materials processed we use efficient pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical refinery techniques within the production cycle thus receiving refined metals or alloys with the main component content of 99.93-99.999%.

New techniques became the best solutions for the tasks mentioned above as well as improved classic methods.  At present we use precipitation, sorption, electrochemical treatment and distillation methods to obtain refined metals and alloys.

Trouble-proof original manufacturing facilities and equipment produced by leading companies, unique unparalleled techniques help to resolve every task in connection with processing of all types of raw materials containing precious metals and receiving of standard items (bullions, prills and powders of refined metals) or other technical products.

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