The tube is a semi-product of a hollow cross-section, constant sizes, and equal wall thickness, made as a straight line segment or coiled, manufactured by rolling, casting, pressing, drawing, welding, or by using electroplating technique.

Tubes of precious metals and their alloys are used in manufacturing contact devices, apparatus, instruments, jewelry, and completing items.

Diameter is of 0. 6 mm and above; wall thickness, 0.05 mm and above. The products are manufactured in compliance with Organization Standard 00195200-043-2009, Technical Regulation 117-1-195-99, Technical Regulation 117 -1-196-2001, Technical Regulation 48-1-148-89, Technical Regulation  117-1-126-90

  • Au
  • Ag
  • Pt
  • Pd
  • Rh
  • Ir
  • Ru
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