Precious metals powders

Precious metal powder is precious metal in the form of the fine loose product, characterized by the specific particle –size and chemical composition.

The particle -size composition means presence of the particles of different size in the fine loose product, expressed in percentage terms or quantity of particles of the tested sample.

The powders from precious metals are used for production of alloys, semi-finished products, chemical compounds and other purposes.

Powders from precious metals are manufactured according to GOST R 52245-2004, GOST 31290-2005, GOST R52244-2004, GOST 31291-2005, GOST 12342-81, GOST 12338-81, GOST 12343-79, GOST 12339-79, Organization Standard 00195200-040-2008.

It is possible to produce powders of other particle - size compositions on the agreement with the manufacturer.

  • Au
  • Ag
  • Pt
  • Pd
  • Rh
  • Ir
  • Ru
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