Glass melters and bushings

In the 40s of the past century the company started production of apparatus for making glass and fiberglass.

The use of platinum in the industry is attributed to its unique properties: resistance to high-temperature corrosion and oxidation when in contact with oxide materials at high temperatures. The leading trend in the industry is the use of platinum in the production of apparatus for making fiberglass and basalt fiber.


At present, for the purpose of making glass-melting apparatus (GMA) and spinneret feeders (SF) the company uses unique technologies:

·         Technological pyroprocessing of rich scrap out of used GMAs and SFs, including oxidation induction melting, followed by electron-beam melting (EBM) and hydrometallurgical processing of noble metal-containing sublimates.

·         Making products out of dispersion-reinforced (DR) materials, and their use in complex compositions considerably reduces (20-30%) metal consumption in products and also reduces content of expensive rhodium in the alloy.

·         Fully molded bottom spinneret plates offer improved workmanship with spinnerets tightly packed on the spinneret area.

·         Making products with plasma-ceramic protective coating reduces operation losses in precious metals by 40-50%

·         Using technological pyroprocessing for scraps with high content of precious metals.


Basic priority directions in GMA and SF production:

·         Reduction of costs in platinum metals when making glass-melting apparatus.

·         Reduction of losses in platinoid when using the products.

·         Increase of product efficiency

·         Increase of product lifetime

·         Unification of alloy grades for products, units and parts.

·         Use of dispersion-reinforced materials.

·         Application of plasma-ceramic protective coatings.


Alloy grades used by the Company for making GMA

·         PtRh-7;

·         PtRh -10;

·         PtRh -10 DU;

·         PtRh -15;

·         PtRh -20;

·         PtRh -30;

·         PtRhRu -35-0,1;

·         PtRhRu -35.

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