Targets are used as consumables for deposition of coatings on different surfaces. Fields of application:
- for manufacture of CD- and DVD-disks;
- deposition of coating on low-emission float-glass;
- in instrument making;
- for manufacture of crystals for power electronics and transistors;
- for manufacture of household goods e.g. razor blades.
JSC «ENFMPP» manufactures targets from the following metals and alloys:
- Ag 99,99 as per GOST 6836-2002;
- AgZCu-1,8-0,9 as per TU 1995-475-00195200-2006;
- Pd 99,9 as per GOST 13462-2010;
- Au 99,99 as per GOST 6835-2002;
- Ir 99,9 as per GOST 13099-2006;
- Rh 99,9 as per GOST 13098-2006;
- bimetal soldered targets of silver-copper and gold-copper systems.
The targets are manufactured in accordance with regulatory documents (Russian state standards, Organizational standards, Technical specifications) as well as according to customer's drawings. Advanced techniques used at the plant enable production of targets with a grain size of about 50 µm on palladium targets and about 80 µm on silver targets. Following the best world standards, JSC EZ OCM constantly improves its technologies and at present time is successfully developing the techniques of manufacturing silver targets with a grain size down to 30 µm.

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