Central Analytical Laboratory

Central Analytical Laboratory of JSC “EZOCM” specializes in assaying (quantitative research) of precious metals.

More than 1000 items come to be analyzed in the plant laboratory. These are:

  • refined metals (Pt, Pd, Rh, Jr, Ru, Os, Au, Ag);
  • alloys of precious metals;
  • chemical compounds with precious metals;
  • natural raw materials (platinum and gold schlich);
  • concentrates of platinum group metals;
  • various secondary raw materials (dead catalysts used in chemical and petrochemical industry, tailings, etc.).

    Range of the defined concentrations is from 100% up to 0,00001 %.


    Central Analytical Laboratory of JSC “EZOCM” is accredited in Federal Agency on   technical regulation and metrology on system of accrediting of analytical laboratories (centers) under register number ROSS RU.0001.510097. Operations in the laboratory are regulated in accordance with statements and demands of GOST ISO/MEC 17025-2006 and GOSTs on the analyses methods. The laboratory has more than 300 attested methods on various subjects and various analyses methods. In the accredited field of the laboratory there are 64 quantitative chemical analyses. Generally these are analyses methods of refined metals and most widely applied alloys of precious metals for industrial usage. The laboratory has in its disposal collection of more than 150 Certified Reference Materials and standard Reference Mateials of the plant for the products analyses and attestation of quantitative chemical analyses. Practically all the CRMs and RMs sets applied in the laboratory are produced by our plant and passed attestation by method of interlaboratory verification. Central Analytical Laboratory examines reference materials homogeneity and also takes part in their attestation.

    Central Analytical Laboratory consists of 3 departments: physical and chemical analysis methods, spectrographic analysis and production methods control.

    In the process of quantitative chemical analysis the laboratory uses modern analytical equipment and applies various analysis methods:

    • atomic absorption method of analysis (“PerkinElmer” equipment);
    • atomic emission method of analysis with spark excitation of spectrum and photovoltaic spectral registration;
    • atomic emission method of analysis with spark excitation in ICP(“Elan6000”, “Elan DRC-e”);
    • X-ray spectroscopy fluorescent method of analysis (“Philips”);
    • various kinds of titration, including use of automatic titrators (“Mettler Toledo” DL50, DL53, DL58);
    • spectrophotometric analysis in visible region and ultraviolet region (“PerkinElmer”, “Lambda 35”);
    • near-infrared spectrometry (“Spectrum One”);
    • gravimetric method of analysis;
    • microwave and autoclave equipment for samples dissolution;
    • weighing equipment (“Mettler Toledo” and “Sartoruos”);
    • equipment preliminary preparation of the samples (“Retsch”).

    Laboratory for spectrographic analysis of Central Analytical Laboratory is intended for express-control of raw materials and finished products quality using the methods of emission analysis and X-ray spectrometry fluorescent analysis.
    Collective of the laboratory works in a friendly atmosphere. In the process of work engineers and laboratory technicians cooperate and help one another. Main formula of the laboratory operation is fast and precise work.
    Methodic developments of engineers, modern method of the specters registration and processing of spectral data (multichannel analyzer of atom-emission specters) help the laboratory personnel to perform high quality of analyses in short time, and if necessary, to apply rapid tests of any standard objects without detriment of the results accuracy.

    Every day the laboratory helps various specialists of plant departments to control production possesses. Modern technical equipment facilities of the laboratory, various methods and techniques of analysis help to carry out qualitative and quantitative analyses taking into account all the necessary requirements. But the main valuable asset of the laboratory is its personnel. Both engineers and laboratory technicians are top-ranked specialists, their knowledge and skills are resulted in the laboratory functioning.

    Laboratory of physical and chemical analysis methods is the core of the Central Analytical Laboratory. Finished and semi-finished products analyses are carried out with the help of atomic absorption, atom emission with ICP, potentiometric titration. Use of titration apparatus “Mettler-Toledo” with automatic samples input helps to analyze silver alloys on a tight schedule with high precision level.

    The use of original gravimetrical methods help to define the contents of basic elements in platinum group metals salts and alloys of precious metals.

    Main field of activity of the production methods control laboratory is analytical support 

    of the production methods and analysis of the finished products. Along with implementing of scheduled anlytical works, it provides analytical support for researches and for working-out of new analytical methods. That’s why the main demands of the laboratory work are accuracy and speed of implementing. Trace impurities analysis in salts of precious metals is held by mass-spectrometry with Inductively Coupled Plasma. The laboratory personnel implements analysis of approximately 15 000 samples a year, 50% of which are irregular objects.

    Advantages of the laboratory:

    1. Skillfull experienced and young challenging personnel;
    2. Availability of modern analytical equipment (practically to all the analysis methods);
    3. Availability of reference materials and experience in their production and attesting;
    4. High responsibility of the laboratory personnel concerning the results of their work;
    5. Discipline;
    6. High accuracy in results and precision in analysis methods;
    7. Credibility and authority in analytical community in Russia.

    Besides demands of the plant’s production the laboratory renders services in assaying (quantitative chemical analysis).

    For more detailed information about the objects analyzed, costs and terms of analysis, please, connect the laboratory specialists:

    Tel.: +7 (343) 311-46-59

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